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Gratitude and the Law of Attraction

by Jack Cox

It is so important to be grateful for all the things we have and for all the things we receive. That way the Universe, God, God & Goddess, our own Higher Self, or whatever you want to say will bring us more.

I always ask my clients to write out a full list of all the things they have to be grateful for and to read it out allowed twice a day.

One of my clients responded by sending me this: "That's right Jack, gratitude is so important. Just think of the birds, they thank the Universe with a beautiful chorus each morning and thereby attract the food they eat throughout the day." What a wonderful idea!

We need to be thankful for everything. Don't neglect the simple things most people take for granted. My own personal gratitude list includes he following: "I am so grateful and happy for this brand new day full of opportunities. I am so grateful and happy that I always have enough healthy food to eat. I am so grateful and happy that I always have enough clean water to drink. I am so grateful and happy that I always have clean air to breathe. I am so grateful and happy that I always have shelter from the elements whenever I choose to use it. I am so grateful and happy that my life is always calm, quiet and peaceful. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Gratitude: A Way of Life
by Louise L. Hay

Its a good idea to go through your home with a pen a paper, writing down all the material things you own, remember to include your car if you have one and anything at all that you may have.

Then think of all the other blessings you have that are not possessions, the people who help you and enrich your life, and your health etc.

So like those birds, lets start each day by singing or reciting a beautiful chorus of all the things we have to be grateful for. What an inspiring way to start each day.

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Jack Cox


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