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Legal disclaimer: All answers are given in good faith but no responsibility can be accepted for the consequences of following the advice given.

Question: Hi Jack, I am a writer. I write (and read) many short stories which explore conflict, horror, crime, problems and the like. Fiction is always based on conflicts and resolving issues. My question is: by being absorbed in these subjects on a daily basis, is the law of attraction working to bring me these (sometimes awful) things I am concentrating on, or can my 'self' be separated from my writing and not affected by it? I look forward to your reply, Many thanks, Lesley

Jack's Answer: Hello Lesley. This is very similar to the question poised by 'R.Q.' (see below), and as I said to her, I really don't think you need to worry too much. As long as you do not visualise yourself in the picture you will not attract these conditions to yourself.

However it may not be quite as simple as that.  For instance, there is now considerable evidence, both for and against the hypothesis that being constantly bombarded with scenes of violence can lead to the viewer becoming more violent.

This research has mostly concentrated on the issue of children playing violent video games rather than adults reading and writing novels but the same principles may apply, although to a much lesser degree. It may be worth looking into work done by researchers such as Guy Cumberbatch, Dennis Howitt, Lawrence Kutner, Cheryl K. Olson, Craig A. Anderson, Douglas A. Gentile, Karen E Dill, C. Kay Weaver, Cynthia Carter, Gerard Jones, Rusel Demaria and others.

Law of Attraction work is basically brainwashing. We are all be negatively brainwashed by the media and, unless we choose them carefully, by our friends. In your case you have the added effect of your work. The way to fight back is to constantly bombard ourselves with positive brainwashing. We can do this by reading websites like this one, absorbing lots of motivational self-help books and by listening to lots of success and personal growth audio programmes. Listen to them in the car, while washing, cooking, driving to work and at odd moments during the day.

Hope this helps,

Let me know how you get on,


Question: Hi Jack, my question is about my thoughts and what I'm focusing on manifesting in my experience. I am studying Biomedicine and have just recently really began with Law of Attraction. My course goes on to Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy next year.

Now every time I'm studying and reading about all these horrible diseases and things that I definitely do not want, all I can think is "oh no, what if I am now attracting these negative things because I'm giving them so much thought and focus in trying to learn about them". I felt so positive and exited about learning before I started understanding the Law of Attraction but now now I'm just worried and feeling like I don't want to do any more my reading, which does not feel good.

Is there some thought, process or exercise I can do to separate my own life and what I'm attracting, and my thoughts regarding my course and the illness/diseases I'm learning about. I have psoriasis, and the thought of manifesting a disease is a big concern for me. Any advice would Be very much appreciated, also any advice you have for applying law of attraction to my psoriasis. Thank you! R.Q.

Jack's Answer: Hello R.Q. I really don't think you need to worry. Let's look at this for a different angle. This example has been given quite a lot (don't remember who by), but lets say you are trying to attract a new car into your life. You get lots of photographs of the car you want, you put one on your vision board, one of your refrigerator door, one in the bathroom etc, etc, etc. You visualise the new car twice every day. Nothing seems to be happening. Then one day you are in your front garden mowing the lawn and your neighbour drive in with his brand new car. Exactly the same one you wanted. Where did you go go wrong? You forgot to put yourself in the picture.

Now apply that principle to your studies. As long as you don't think about yourself becoming sick, you will not attract you catching any of these diseases. Yes you will attract the diseases into your life. That's what you want. You want lots of people with these diseases coming to you for help. But you don't have to get sick unless you visualise it that way.

Regarding your psoriasis, or any other illness for that matter, try not to think about it. Get some pictures of yourself before you had psoriasis. Stick them up everywhere, on your vision board, your refrigerator door, in your bedroom and your bathroom. Then visualise yourself being as you where then. Really feel the feelings of being healthy, beautiful and desirable.

Enjoy your studies and look forward to being able to help lots of people with your new knowledge.

My best wishes to you.


Question: Hi Jack, I?ve read and listened to lot about Law of Attraction and believe very deeply that it works, and it has benefitted me in many ways since learning this information, in many areas of my life, apart from one area, money, I can't seem to let it flow! As soon as I think I?ve found a solution to solving my issue with money that I owe, I get an email or a letter or a bill showing I owe more. I can't seem to get out of the pattern, the pattern of being in debt. I don't know what I?m doing wrong. How can I change the way I think about money? Do you have any suggestions on what I may be doing that 's keeping me in this pattern? It is a pattern, I can see it. Every-time I try to find a solution, I?m faced with more issues, issues that weren't even there before, like I?m making brick wall after brick wall for me to smash through.

Any advice you could give me would be great, thanks, Jenifer

Jack's Answer: Hello Jenifer, Thank you for your interesting question. There is a lot to this and I will try to do justice to the subject. I may well add to my reply as other things occur to me so please do check back here often. The very first thing to do is read all the articles on this website, the key you seek may be in one of them.

Let?s begin with something particle. If you have credit cards cut them up. Credit cards are the biggest con trick of the last 100 years. If you pay 20% interest (or whatever it is theses days) using your cards is just like giving yourself a 20% pay cut. Who needs that?

The number one, most important Law of Attraction (LoA) principle, the most important success principle in the world, is to take 100% responsibility for your own life. If you blame the economy, your customers, your spouse, your colleagues, your employer or your employees, you give away your power to change things. By taking responsibility you take tight hold of the reins, you put yourself in charge of your life. From what you say I think you are already doing that.

We attract into our lives the things we think about the most. If we think about wealth and abundance we attract wealth and abundance. If we think about debt we attract debt. When we worry about things we are thinking about them, so if you worry about debt you will attract more debt. I know its hard. If you keep getting bills in the post you naturally worry about how to pay them. This is where your mental discipline really comes in. You are in charge of your mind and its up to you to tell it what to think about. Every time you get a bill, force yourself to think how wonderful it will feel when you have more than enough money. Deliberately go into a daydream and see your new car, your new house, wonderful holidays you will take and the great restaurants you will eat in.

It may not be possible while you are still in debt but the ideal is to pay all bills promptly and joyfully. As you pay your bills give thanks for the things you are paying for. You have had the benefit and enjoyment of those things so be happy to pay for them. It?s the circulation of money, not the hording of it, which produces wealth for everyone.

Some people are limited by their beliefs. I have written an article on beliefs which goes into this in much more detail than I have space for here. For now please just accept that whatever you believe about life, money, relationships or whatever; whatever you believe your mind will make real. Your mind will delete or distort all contradictory evidence, and lead you to act in such a way as to make whatever you believe seem true to you. For instance, if you dislike rich people, think they must have trodden on others to get to the top, think they are all crooks, then those beliefs will prevent you from ever joining their ranks. Likewise if you believe that you are not worthy to join them, you never will.

For reasons I go into much more deeply in the article, as your mind is set up to make whatever you believe seem true to you, there is not much point in choosing your beliefs based on whether or not they are true. Much better to chose them based on whether or not they are resourceful and empowering. You can adopt any belief you want by repetition. Add empowering beliefs to your daily affirmations and literally brainwash them into your head.

Let?s think a little more about money for a moment. What is it? Money is reward for services rendered, payment for things you have done for others. They give you their money because they want what you can give them more than they want to keep their money. Seems reasonable to me. So decide what you want to do for others that they will pay you for, then do it as best as you possibly can. Always go the extra mile for your customers, always give them more then they expect. Make them happy, then you will have no reason to resist the rewards you deserve.

There is a six point formula for success that always works, IF YOU WORK IT!.

Step One is to know where you are now. Take inventory of your assets and liabilities so as to be perfectly clear about where you are now. This includes money and debts, business assets, as well as your skills and talents. Write it all down and review your inventory regularly to keep it up to date. You must do this with total self-honesty. One of the biggest blocks to success is a lack of self-honesty. In fact, a lack of any kind of honesty will block you from being successful.

Step Two is to know where you want to go, so think about your goals, ALL OF THEM. Write them down and review them every day. Prioritise them and make sure that they do not contradict each other. This may seem deceptively simple but if you don?t know where you want to go, you can?t start going there. Sometimes this just involves making a decision and getting started. You can always change your mind about certain goals later, if you want to.

Step Three is to TAKE ACTION, any action, the best action you can think of, even if it?s pathetic. If you think that successful people have a clear plan in their heads, forget it. They don?t have any better idea than you have when they start out on the road to riches. They just take the best action they can think of and trust that the next step will occur to them, then the next, then the next. But you must begin. All the meditation, visualisation and affirmations are useless unless they lead to action.

Step Four is to evaluate your action by noticing what happened. Welcome feedback and learn from it. If you shut your mind to ?criticism? you will never progress. Ask for feedback if necessary, it?s the only way to learn.

Step Five is to refine your action based on the feedback you receive and your own evaluation of how effective it was.

Step Six is to repeat Steps Three, Four, and Five until you get what you want.

You will succeed if you keep plugging away at it, I promise you.


Question: Dear Jack, I am desperately in love with a guy, with whom I had a relationship and who had left me three times. He was very caring and loved me a lot. I can't find anyone like him. I want him to come back in my life.

What should I do?


Jack's Answer: Hello Rubaya. I get asked this a lot. So often in fact that I have written an article about it. Its called Love and the Law of Attraction. Hope it helps,


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